Three sexual positions to satisfy a pregnant woman

The wish of every woman who gets married is to get pregnant and have children. But when the woman gets pregnant, her condition changes through the lack of taste for things and also the volume of the belly. Thus, the husband sometimes finds it difficult to make love to his wife. However, the wife expresses sexual desires and it is necessary to have sex with her. In this article we will suggest three positions in which you can make love to a pregnant woman.

The missionary position

One of the most comfortable positions to send a pregnant woman to seventh heaven is the missionary. This is actually a position where the woman lies on her back. In this position, the woman will not have to support the weight of her large belly. Thus, the man will have to put himself in front of his pregnant wife while spreading her legs slightly to be able to penetrate her. The advantage of this position with a pregnant woman is to better admire her belly and stare into her eyes, a very exciting moment in sexual intercourse.

The andromache position

The man lies on his back in bed and allows his pregnant wife to sit on top of him facing him. This position allows the woman to make the movements necessary to reach orgasm. While she is sitting on the man, he caresses her belly and if possible also the breasts to multiply the pleasure in his wife. Similarly, the woman can vary this position while turning her back to her husband still sitting on the man to fuck.

Doggy style

Doggy style is a sexual position that resembles the sexual posture of four-legged animals. To do it, the woman supports herself on her two arms and knees. The man introduces his penis from behind to fuck his wife. The advantage of this sexual position for the pregnant woman is that she does not hit her belly against anything. The different movements performed are like sports activities for the woman, which allows her to relax a little.