How to drive a woman crazy in bed?

A couple that wants to be happy has duties that the partners must fulfill, one of which is sexual intercourse. Thus, the partners do not hesitate to make love whenever the need arises. However, sometimes the wife is not satisfied with her husband's performance and as a result, she does not reach orgasm. Thus, one wonders what can be done to bring sexual fulfillment to a woman in bed. Read this article to learn some tips.

Communicate with the woman

A woman's sexual pleasure is not always about penetration or foreplay. Communication is sometimes a source of pleasure for the woman. To do this, the man must create a discussion that will allow him to value his wife sexually. He must appreciate his wife and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. By doing this, the woman will feel loved and her body will start to cum even before penetrations. This is due to the woman's sensitivity to soft words.


Touching a woman allows her to feel warmth and vibrations in her body. To do this perfectly, the man must not be in a hurry. He must therefore savor all the essential parts of his wife's body through caresses. However, the breasts and the clitoris must be privileged considering their erectile property. As far as the pelvis and buttocks are concerned, you must mold them as much as possible to prepare the woman for penetration. Also, it is necessary to kiss the woman properly to give her more desire. Also, you should offer her a good cunnilingus that will make her body vibrate well.

Vary the sexual positions

In the exercise of penetration itself, it is useful to avoid routine or monotony. Thus, you should experiment with several positions to fuck your wife. At first, you can start with the missionary position and then practice the spoon. Before the man ejaculates, he can also adopt the doggy style or the andromache position. Also, from time to time, you should interrupt the penetration with small caresses before penetrating your wife again. Also, you can vary the setting of the intercourse; that is, change the locations.